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Violation of the Code of Ethics

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The conducts described in the Code of Ethics WEG must be practiced by all employees and/or administrators during the performance of their jobs, and WEG commits itself to providing the necessary conditions for that to happen.

The employee and/or administrator who do not observe the code or withhold information in the course of an investigation is subject to disciplinary actions.

Additionally, WEG encourages the application of the guidelines of the WEG Code of Ethics by the other parts: related companies; suppliers; service providers; sales representatives/distributors; dealers and service agents; clients; investors; community and the government.

Whoever observes or becomes aware of violations of this code or is not sure about its meaning, intention or application must report such situations or clarify the questions promptly.

If you become aware of any violation of the Code of Ethics, report it immediately to the available channels.


  • Telephone: (only calls in Portuguese, English or Spanish)
  • Call from Brazil – Employee------------------------------------------------- 4747
  • Call from Brazil – Third parties----------------------------(0xx47) 3276-4747
  • Call from abroad – Employees and third parties--- (+55 47) 3276-4747
  • Letter: WEG – Audit Department
    Street: Prefeito Waldemar Grubba, 3.300 – Vila Lalau
    Jaraguá do Sul – SC – Brasil CEP 89.256-900.

The provided information will be kept confidential, except for situations in which WEG has the legal obligation to inform the authorities.

WEG will not tolerate any retaliation or sanction against any person who, in good faith, reports violations or suspected violations of this code.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the management of the Code of Ethics and the cases not included in the code, will be discussed by the Commission of Management of the Code of Ethics.

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