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Soft-Starter SSW-05: 0.75hp - 75hp
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Soft-Starter SSW-05: 0.75hp - 75hp

WEG soft starters are fitted with micro processors. They are high-tech and were designed to ensure the highest performance during starts and stops of induction motors.


Soft-Starters are electronic starters designed to accelerate, deccelerate and protect three-phase induction motors, controlling the voltage applied on the motor.

The SSW-05 Plus Micro Soft-Starters, with DSP control (Digital Signal Processor) have been designed to supply an excellent performance during starting and stopping electric motors with excellent cost / benefit ratio.

The Operator Interface allows easy parameter setting, simply fying the start-up and operation activities.

The SSW-05 Plus Micro Soft-Starters are compact, optimizating the space in electrical panels and already incorporates all protections for the driven motor.

Designed for exclusively industrial or professional use.

Note: SSW05 Soft-Starter Series were designed for exclusively industrial or professional use.

  • Current: 3 to 85 A
  • Voltage: 220 to 575 V
  • Built-in By-pass
  • DSP control
  • Remote HMI (optional)
  • Built-in motor protections
  • Reduction of stress on couplings and other transmission devices during starting (gear boxes, sheaves)
  • Extended lifetime of motor and mechanical components / parts due to reduced mechanical shocks
  • Easy operation, programming and maintenance
  • Simple electrical wiring
  • Operation in ambient up to 55 °C (122 °F)

Bladed Vaccum Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Crusher (Unloaded Starts), Screw Compressors (Relief Start), Mixers, Cellulose Refiners, Axial Fans (Low Inercia and Low Load).



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