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oil and gas
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WEG supplied Paragon with 58 highly reliable W22 motors to ensure a smooth and safe jackup process

Media Center » News » Fairs and Events
Know more about WEG's participation in Hannover Fair in Germany. Event received more than 190,000 visitors between April 23 and 27.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Brazilian unit receives accreditation to repair, overhaul and recover equipment for explosive atmosphere environments

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Expected to start operations this year, Petrobras P-57 will use WEG solutions to produce 180 thousand barrels of oil a day.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG is granted IECEx certification for Ex motors
WEG Ex d motors are among the first to be granted the international Certificate of Conformity for equipment used in explosive atmospheres. The company was the setting for the first IEC Ex BR meeting held at a manufacturer’s facilities.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
The largest and most efficient Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drive
The largest medium voltage variable frequency drive ever manufactured by WEG is on its way to the US. The equipment, 8000HP rated power, went through tests without similar in Brazil and will be installed at one of the laboratories at Weir Pumps

Media Center » News » Corporate
Outstanding performance in the oil industry
Entities of the oil sector award professionals of the Brazilian industry for outstanding performance in the year of 2009 . Décio da Silva was awarded in the Capital Assets category.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
IES: Durability and efficiency in a complete structure
The Integrated Electric Systems - IES were created to supply assembled and interconnected electric solutions ready to receive external connections.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WGM Motors: Water jacket Cooled
Developed to provide cooling through water flow on the end bells and around the frame allowing an increase on the horsepower / weight ratio and a decrease on the space usage.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
WEG Automation System for Vessels
A complete package that covers all major functions required on board. Distributed in three main parts, the system incorporates power management function, alarm monitoring and load control.


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