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Learn HOW YOU can save money

Saving money that you do not need to be spending is not only a wise idea but it also is a "green" idea to support the conservation or our environment.

Sometimes you can save money by making the slightest adjustments in the processes that use any type of electric motors in your facility.

Learn HOW YOU can save money by installing a Variable Frequency Drive

Typically applications do not run at full load all the time. Installing a VFD can help you save money by controlling the speed of your process and adjusting it to the specific load at any time. This is specifically true for variable torque applications like pumps and fans. You can calculate your savings when installing a VFD for pumps and fans applications with our downloadable Energy Savings Calculator for VFDs (to calculate savings for multiple motors), use our online calculator (to calculate savings for a single motor) or download this calculator as Mobile App:

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Learn HOW YOU can save money by replacing one, a few or all the motors in your facility with HIGHER efficiency products

Motors usually run for thousands of hours every year. Considering this, any gain in efficiency by replacing motors by higher efficiency versions will translate into considerable savings which would pay for the investment in a few years and in some cases even months. You can calculate your energy savings, return of investment, reduction of CO2 emissions, and create reports and calculations for all the motors in your facility in one click using our WEG Payback Tool for Electric Motors, also you can download this calculator as Mobile App in the links above or if you prefer you can make a quick calculation for just one motor using our Online Efficiency Calculator.

Learn HOW YOU can save money by the implementation of new application processes

Sometimes more drastic savings can be achieved by implementing deeper changes in your manufacturing processes. You can learn more about such cases listed below:

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