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WEG is Among the Winners of the Thermo-environmental Award
This Award is considered the most important Award of the HVAC-R segment in Brazil

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The manufacturer of industrial electric panels is headquartered in Valencia, Spain.


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MPW line added to WEG offering to Grainger
Grainger, a leading broad line distributor of facilities maintenance products, has added the MPW line of WEG motor circuit breakers to its offering of more than 900,000 products to help customers keep their facilities up and running.

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
New Brazilian trolleybuses use WEG electric traction systems

Media Center » News » Products & Solutions
Meeting the ever increasing global demand for materials and energy requires a two-part strategy, comprising the opening of new mines, and increasing productivity at existing plants.In both cases, meeting demand means providing good quality ore, in quantity and in a timely manner to maximise process performance.

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Products such as UPS systems and stabilizers will complement the automation product line enhancing the strategy of integrated offer of systems

Media Center » News » Corporate
WEG acquires Instrutech, a Brazilian producer of automation equipment focused on man/machine safety.

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WEG Automation System for Vessels
A complete package that covers all major functions required on board. Distributed in three main parts, the system incorporates power management function, alarm monitoring and load control.


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