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Electric Motors
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W22 WIMES - High Efficiency - IE2
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W22 WIMES - High Efficiency - IE2

Since January 2017, IE2 motors placed onto the EU/EEA and rated at 0.75kW or above, must be used with a VSD unless their design falls outside of the scope of the EU Regulation or their final use will be outside of EU/EEA

W22 WIMES, the new electric motor concept
  • Excellent cost versus benefit ratio
  • Optimization of environmental resources
  • Updated electrical features
  • Noise level reduction
  • Vibration level reduction
  • Easier maintenance
  • Improved efficiency levels
  • 3 year warranty
Standard Features
  • Stator frame, endshields and terminal boxes made from high grade FC-200 cast iron
  • Cooling method: TEFC (Totally enclosed fan cooled) – IC411
  • Rated output: 0.12 to 500 kW
  • Number of Poles: 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Frame sizes: 63 up to 355A/B
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Voltages: 220-240/380-415V (up to frame size 100L) /380-415/660V (112M to 355A/B)
  • Design N
  • Service factor: 1.00
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to 40 °C, at 1000 m.a.s.l
  • Relative humidity up to 95%
  • Degree of protection: IPW55
  • Class “F” insulation (ΔT=80 K)
  • Mounting: B3T foot (with top terminal box)
  • Continuous duty: S1
  • Vibration level: Grade A as per IEC 60034-14
  • External earth terminals
  • Stainless steel nameplate
  • Fan Covers: Steel for frames 63 to 132M and Cast Iron for frames 160M to 355A/B
  • WISE® (WEG Insulation System Evolution) insulation system - suitable for inverter duty applications*
  • Insulated NDE bearing hubs as standard for frames 280S/M to 355A/B
  • Thermistors (1 per phase) fitted as standard (frames 63 to355A/B)
  • Space heaters (dual voltage 110V and 230V) fitted as standard (frames 63 to 355A/B)
  • Additional terminal box for thermistors and space heaters as standard with WIMES compliant heater warning label
  • Metric threaded cable entries for mains and auxiliary terminal boxes
  • Bearings: Metal shielded (ZZ) sealed for life bearings for frames 63 to 132
  • Regreasing nipples for frames 160M to 355A/B
  • Bearing / shaft seals:
  • B3 motors - Oil seals for frames 63 to 200L / WSeal® for frames 225S/M to 355A/B
  • B5 motors - Oil seals for frames 63 to 280S/M / Viton seals for frames 315S/M to 355A/B
  • Painting: Two-pack epoxy paint finish (Plan 202E) for aggressive sheltered industrial environments
  • Finish Colour:RAL 5010


*For additional details about Inverter operation, please contact our technical support team.

Optional Features
  • Mains terminal box on left or right side
  • Oversized terminal box (frame 355A/B)
  • Motors with Flange FF, C-DIN and superior / inferior
  • Alternative voltages / frequencies
  • Higher number of poles
  • Design H
  • Class “H” insulation
  • Tropical protection for Relative Humidity >95%
  • Vibration level: Grade B as per IEC 60034-14
  • Provision for vibration detectors SPM
  • Thermal protection: Thermostats or RTD (PT-100) inwindings or bearings
  • Degrees of protection: IP56, IP65, IP66
  • Bearing / shaft seals: Taconite Labyrinth and W3 Seal®
  • Cooling Fans: Aluminium, cast iron and bronze
  • Drip cover for vertical applications
  • Double shaft extension
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Insulated DE or NDE bearings for frames 225S/M to355A/B
  • Encoders
  • Forced ventilation TEBC (Totally Enclosed Blower Cooled)
  • Roller bearings for high radial loads (frames 160M to355A/B)
  • Cable glands in plastic and brass
  • Alternative painting plans for more aggressiveenvironments
  • WIMES compliant motors for hazardous environments(Ex d, Ex n etc)

More options available, on request


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