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April 10, 2017 / Awards

WEG is appointed as best reputation company in Brazil in Capital Goods sector

The Survey conducted by Merco Consulting points out Brazilian companies and business leaders with the best reputation in the country

WEG was the highlight of the Capital Goods sector within MERCO Corporate Reputation Business Ranking 2016, conducted by Spanish Consulting Co. Merco and furtherly audited by KPMG. In addition to ranking top-rated companies in 29 different business areas, the survey also points to the top 100 best-performing business leaders in the country. Décio da Silva, WEG Chairman of the Board, and Harry Schmelzer Jr., CEO of the Company are included in this list of executives.

To create such ranking Merco Consulting contacted potential customers, suppliers, shareholders and eventually impacted groups by the performance of companies and their leadership background. Economic-financial results, product quality, internal reputation, code of ethics, international business coverage and innovative capacity of each company were topics considered for the analysis.

For the evaluation of leaders, the study took into account indicators such as, strategic and commercial vision, innovation, team building philosophy, ethics encouragement, international business development and communicate skills.

The complete result of MERCO Corporate Reputation Ranking 2016 was published by Brazilian Exame magazine in March.



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