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Enclosed Starters

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Enclosed Starters
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Enclosed Starters

Series were designed to meet requirements and flexibility frequently demanded in industrial applications. Standard units range from fractional to 250Hp@460Vac.

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WEG enclosed starters series is designed to meet the requirements and flexibility frequently demanded in industrial applications. Featuring components that meet IEC design standards and UL horsepower ratings, WEG enclosed starters are UL508A approved and CSA certified. This means your panels will fulfill the rigorous requirements of UL508A and will have the quality and performance as for all WEG products.
By having most of the processes in WEG facilities we can manufacture not only standard enclosed starters, but also any other custom panel your application may require. Our Engineers will work together with you to provide the perfect solution for your application.
As standard products, WEG offers options for both: Full Voltage Non-Reversing Non-Combination Starters and Full Voltage Non-Reversing Combination Starters up to 250Hp at 460Vac.
WEG’s UL508A panel shops can manufacture any configuration of Non-Combination or Combination
Starters for any low voltage horsepower ratings. Some examples are listed below:
  • Enclosed Contactors
  • Full Voltage Reversing Starters
  • Reduced Voltage Magnetic Starters (Part-Winding, Wye-Delta)
  • Reduced Voltage Solid-State Starters (Softstarters, VFD)
  • Multi-Speed Starters
  • Explosion Proof Starters
  • Pump Panel Controllers
Whenever you need a reliable product to control & protect your application, WEG field specialists can help you find the best solution.
Non-Combination Starters
WEG assembled their reliable CWM contactor and RW bimetallic overload into a metallic NEMA 1 (ESW series) & plastic NEMA 4X (PESW series) enclosures to provide non-reversing full voltage starters suited for just about any application. Both series are available up to 10Hp@230Vac (1ph) & 75Hp@460Vac (3ph).
WEG offers non-reversing and non-combination magnetic starters up to 75Hp@460Vac (105A). Featuring components that meet IEC design standards and UL horsepower ratings, incorporating WEG contactors and overload relays, the magnetic starters are ideal to protect and operate motors, ensuring smooth operation year-after year.
Two series are available off the shelf:
  • Metallic Type 1 – ESW Series
  • Non-Metallic Type 4X – PESW Series
WEG ESW and PESW starters are pre-wired from the factory and recommended for all single and three phase applications where D.O.L. magnetic starters can be applied.
Combination Starters
Combination starters are the most common type of packaged motor controllers. They are called combination because of their construction and combined functions required by the US National Electric Code (NEC): Motor Disconnect, Motor Branch Circuit Protection, Motor Controller and Motor Overload Protection.
WEG’s full voltage non-reversing combination starters represent a competitive alternative to the traditional NEMA starters by offering:
  • Reduced overall dimensions, yet providing reasonable internal wiring space
  • Rotary through-the-door disconnect instead of the traditional flange operator; and
  • UL/CSA approved performance in more compact components.quot;
Four series are available off the shelf:
  • Fusible disconnect – ESWA Series
  • MCCB disconnect – ESWC Series
  • Manual Motor protector – ESWE & ESWF Series
  • Pump controllers – ESWA (P) Series

Available enclosures include Type 3R Raintight, Type 12 Dusttight, Type 4 Watertight and Type 4X Corrosion Resistance. Standard products range up to 250Hp at 460Vac (300A); higher horsepower ratings are available as customs panels.

Main Characteristics and Features
  • High horsepower ratings in four compact sizes
  • Fast acceleration and high initial torque
  • Bimetallic Overload Relays – class 10
  • Adjustable trip current
  • Ambient temperature compensated
  • Phase-loss sensitivity protection
  • Selectable Manual or Automatic RESET
  • Electrically isolated NO-NC auxiliary contacts
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Pumps
  • Kneading and mixing machines
  • Cutting and sawing machines
  • Material handling equipment
  • Blowers
  • Cranes
  • Machining tools
  • Agitators
  • Pressing machines
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