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Manual Motor Protectors

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Manual Motor Protector
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Manual Motor Protector

Compact solution for protection and operation of motor circuits up to 100A. WEG’s Manual Motor Protectors combine motor control, disconnect means, short-circuit & motor overload protections in just one component.

"WEG MPW Manual Motor Protectors series are the state-of-the-art products available for worldwide market. With the latest
technology and design, you’ll find how easy is to save panel space and to face almost any application in motor control. Built in a very compact frame size, this series combine motor control, disconnect means, short-circuit and motor overload protections in just one component. Units range from fractional up to 75Hp@460Vac and a complete range of accessories is available to complete the protection."
Manual Motor protectors include some of the same features you can find in WEG’s RW bimetal overload relays, such as Class 10 protection, ambient temperature compensation and phase failure sensitivity, which give you all the protection your motors need. For short circuit protection, the magnetic device trips at 13 times the maximum FLA of the component.
Motor protectors are designed for use according to international standards, making them suitable for applications all over the world.
Main Features
  • High short-circuit interruptinratin– up to 50kA @ 480V
  • Current limitinshort-circuit protection
  • Thermal overload protection Class 10
  • Phase loss sensitivity protection
  • Ambient temperature compensation -4ºF +140ºF (-20ºC +60ºC)
  • Lockable rotary handle mechanism for disconnect
  • Visual indication of ON-TRIP-OFF status
  • 35mm DIN-rail mounting
  • Snap-in accessories
  • Finger safe protected terminals
  • Rated for DC applications
  • Test trip feature
  • Coordination type 2 per IEC60947-4-1 and UL508E, with WEG’s CWM contactors
  • Manual Motor Starters
  • Group motor installations (per NEC Article 430)
  • Multi-motor starter applications
  • Suitable for motor disconnect applications
  • UL Type-E self protected combination starter

Frontal Mounting Auxiliary Contact Block

Shunt Release

Scale Cover

Three-phase Feeder Terminal

Large Insulated Enclosure

Side Mounting Auxiliary Contact Block

Door Coupling Rotary Handle

Block Modules to Assemble MPW+Contactor

Standard Insulated Enclosure

Undervoltage Release

Trip Signalling Block

Push-in Lugs

Three-phase Common Blocks

Further Information

For general characteristics, curves and dimensions, check electronic catalogues on the Download Center

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