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Terminal Blocks

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Terminal Blocks
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Terminal Blocks

Designed to guarantee a safe and secure connection for electric conductors. Developed to be used in several applications, offering great quality and performance.

AutoCAD Library

Terminal blocks are devices designed to provide safe and secure electrical and mechanical conductor connections. Among all available connectors, terminal blocks are the most commonly used to their specific chacteristics.

Modular Design

All parts were developed to assure side-by-side assembly, thus saving space inside panels.

Easy Installation

Easy assembly on DIN Rails, reducing panel assembly time.

Two versions

Available in two different versions: spring-clamp or screw connection.

Screw Connection

Spring-clamp Connection

Wide Range of Accessories

Connecting brides, identifiers, DIN Rail, end plate and end bracket.

Connecting brides
DIN Rail
End plate
End Bracket

Further Information

For general characteristics and further technical data, check our electronic catalogues on our Download Center.

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