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Alternators for Generator Sets
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Alternators for Generator Sets

WEG alternators for generator sets are suitable for industrial, commercial, marine, telecommunication, mining, condominium, irrigation, & hospital applications.


WEG's large experience on the manufacturing of alternators, added to modern design, production capacity and testing availabilities have resulted in the competitive line of brushless synchronous alternators fitted with electronic voltage regulator.

Available up to 4200 kVA, the synchronous alternators are mainly applied on diesel and gas generator sets as well as on steam, gas and hydraulic turbines.

They are suitable to operate on all emergency or continuous operation generator sets in industrial, commercial, marine, telecommunication, mining areas, in addition to condominiums, irrigation purposes, hospitals and others.

Technical Features
  • Power: up to 4200 kVA
  • Frames: 160 to 630 (IEC)
  • Low Voltage: 110 to 690 V
  • High Voltage: 2300 to 13,800 V
  • Frequency: 50 and 60 Hz
  • Degree of Protection: IP21 (IP23, IP23W, IP54, IP54W, IP55 and IP55W under request)
  • Insulation Class: H (low voltage) and F (medium & high voltage)
  • Winding pitch: 2/3
  • Poles: 4, 6 and 8 poles.

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